Thursday, January 5, 2012

How to Stack Coupons

A lot of my friends and family think I am a "crazy coupon lady", and they often tease me about it...until I showed my mother in law exactly how I use my coupons to not only save me a ton of money, but get items for free! She was floored, and now she never goes to the store without coupons! You can read about the types of coupon shoppers here

Stacking coupons is a pretty easy concept once you know the basics. You can use 1 manufacturer coupon and 1 in-ad (store) coupon per item. 
You can read about the difference between kinds of coupons here

Some stores or coupons themselves (in the fine print) will limit how many coupons you can use per transaction. I usually break things up into multiple transactions if that is the case. When you match your coupon savings to the current sales prices, you can save anywhere from 40-100% on some items - that's right, I quite often get things free

This is easy, let me show you the steps:

1. Have your stack of coupons/inserts on hand. 
You can read about where to find coupons here

2. Have your weekly sales ads on hand...sometimes they have in-store coupons! 

3. Use Little Mom on the Prairie's coupon/ad match ups - I do all the hard work for you!  I match the available coupons with the current sale prices, to find you the best deals and free items for each store. 

4. Go shopping, save big, get things Free! It really is that easy! 

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