Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Buying Coupons - Shop With Caution

There is some serious money to be saved at the register if you play your coupons right. There are several coupon-clipping services online where shoppers buy coupons, and popular auction sites often have coupon listings, too. But not all the coupons you find online are legit. There are a few reasons why you should shop with caution when buying coupons:

1. Some online coupons are counterfeit. You can check if a coupon you find online is fake by checking the CIC (Coupon Information Corporation) List.

2. Newspaper/coupon insert theft is at an ALL TIME HIGH, so beware anyone selling full inserts or pages from inserts. Read more here, here  or here.

3. When you purchase a newspaper for coupons, you are supporting an American Institution.
4. Buying coupons can negate your savings, if you are not smart about it.

I spend HOURS clipping coupons for myself and others. I buy each and every newspaper and insert from the news stand. I never buy inserts or insert pages online. I also research every coupon I find online if it is not through on of the trusted printable coupon sites. Be smart, be ethical, and be safe!


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