Friday, May 25, 2012

FREEBIE FRIDAY ~ 11 Great Freebies & Samples!

Oh boy have I found some interesting freebies out there lately! I've done several Father's Day freebie posts, and here is a round up for you, of some pretty great deals! Also, if you wouldn't mind of course, head over to Cosmopolitan and nominate us for "Best Newcomer" blog, or click our Picket Fence button to the right and give us a vote there! The more exposure we get, the better deals and giveaways I can do for you all.  :)

If you haven't signed up for Sneakpeeq, sign up and get a free $10 credit! Then grab this sweet bohemian bamboo ring or bracelet, at NO cost to you! *This is my affiliate link*

FREE Sample of Propel Zero On The Go, by 'Liking' their Facebook page. 

FREE Sample of Mrs.Dash Seasoning Blend, by 'Liking' their Facebook page.

FREE sample of Milkbone dog treats, via Wal-Mart. 

FREE Ovaltine samples (2 travel sticks) by 'Liking' their Facebook page

Right now you can text HAIR to 467467 to snag a free sample of Aveeno hair care! These are really only worth it if you have FREE texting.

Go to the Finish Facebook page and join the Finish Revolution, send to 3 friends, and get a free sample.

FREE sample and coupon from Carefree. 

Free Sample of Vplenish - it's a tasteless vitamin powder you can sprinkle over food or in a drink. 

FREE sample Poise Hourglass pads & Coupon. 

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  1. thank u for this! i like it better than individual posts