Monday, June 25, 2012

Re-Use Plastic Bottles ~ A Nifty Kitchen Trick


I just started doing this in our kitchen, and it makes the fact that my boys drink so much soda bearable! Now I can re-use the bottles for any bags I have open (not so great for chip bags but that's OK, got another trick for that below!) like chocolate chips (from Dad's Muffin-cakes) or brown sugar, chopped nuts, whatever you have open in your kitchen! The easy open tops make pouring a breeze! 

check out this great tips from YumSugar, on using plastic clip hangers from the store as chip bag clips! Genius!

I started doing this a few days ago and not only have I whittled down the odd basket of plastic hangers in my closet (husband is so happy!) my chips are nice and fresh, every time! (That makes everyone happy!)

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