Friday, August 3, 2012

11 GREAT Back-to-School Freebies!

Get your hands on some of these awesome free samples of office/school supplies, that are available right now! I love these offers, I like to keep a small bin of school supplies on hand,
 "just in case"...

FREE Delane Pens from Amsterdam Printing! To get FREE Pens from Amsterdam Printing, Click on “request a sample” (See example here).**You can order a sample of anything under $5 and get it for FREE! But only a total of 5 samples in your cart of either like items or different items.
Get a FREE uni-ball Jetstream 101 Pen! A  Company Name is Required and if you don’t have an account number for your company you can put in zero’s.

Get a FREE Noisy Planet Pencils & Bookmarks! the pencils and bookmarks are toward the bottom of the page.

Get a FREE Backpack with $50 or more purchase at Old Navy stores this Sunday. This is a great time to do your back to school shopping and save with Tax Free Days! 

Get a FREE Scholastic lesson planner! This is great for you Homeschooling parents!

Be on the lookout for the awesome BIC Pen Giveaway that starts 8/1/12! No Purch. Nec., U.S. Only, 18+. Ends 8/30/12. Must enter between 12:00 P.M. ET – 10:00 P.M. ET for your chance to receive a BIC Atlantis® Pen.

Fill out the form to receive your Free Scissors with Mailfinity Logo! 
Fill out the form to receive Free Sticky Notes from Sandy Paper!

Get a FREE Pencil with Digilake logo. Just fill out the form and submit! 

To get a FREE Jarritos Pocket Folder, first Register HERE, then go to this link HERE to Place Your Order for the FREE Folder! This offer is still available just in case you missed this earlier in the month.
Fill out the form to receive a Free Adhesive Notepad Sample from Louisiana Design & Printing. 


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