Sunday, August 26, 2012

Join our Autumn Blog Carnival!

I will be hosting what are basically round-ups of blog articles, projects or recipes that follow a theme. 
This is called a Blog Carnival. 

My first attempt was at the beginning of the month, but most of the submissions were not following the theme I had set! So please, try to follow the submission guidelines. 
For example, if the theme of that week's Carnival is "Back-to-School", don't submit baby related articles, household tips, random furniture projects or other non-theme articles. I DO check each submission, and choose what fits best/what I like best.

I am shooting for our first Blog Carnival to be in September. I am going to open submissions NOW!

Make a Chalkboard Pumpkin
 My goal, if we have enough great submissions, is to have this be weekly and start with our first post on Sept. 7th, 2012. 

Our first theme: Autumn/Fall
Submission time: Aug. 24 - Sept. 5th, 2012
Post Date: Sept. 7th, 2012

Submission guidelines: Recipes if they are seasonal or utilize fall foods, or are school snack related. Crafts or projects if they involve leaves, squirrels, etc (you get the idea) Fall related themes only! This may include Halloween or Thanksgiving projects, as well. If we do not use your holiday entries we may use them in a later carnival (with permission). It can be something you do with your kids in the fall, or even a gallery of your Autumn photography. Just make sure it if Autumn/fall related! I cannot stress this enough!

 Click Here to submit!

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