Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Turn a Book Case into a Mail Center

Space is at a premium, especially in my kitchen. Every time someone comes in, they dump all of their stuff onto the book case that sits in the corner...I decided to hit 2 birds with one stone, by giving them a place to store their gear AND make the tired, old book case look bright and new! The top shelf is divided (by magazine organizers) into 4 nooks. The 3 adults in the house will use the magazine holders for their mail. The nooks are for keys, wallets, sunglasses...whatever they carry on them then dump all over my kitchen. :)

The baskets were bought at the same office supply store as the magazine organizers. I'm using them to hold the freebies I get in the mail. This is a much better system than stuffing them into bags from the grocery store and sticking them in the we can use them as we need them/get them!

I had a sheet of radiator grating left from another project, and I painted it the same yellow then put it in front of the glass on the bottom two shelves. The top shelf door broke years ago, but I like it open. 

I've now exhausted my supply of yellow paint! Which is a reason to go buy more in a new color, right? Right?!?  

For materials and steps, check me out on if you like this project, vote for me!

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