Thursday, October 25, 2012

No Bad Dogs, Only Bad Dog Owners (Free My Pit Bull is Family Sticker)

I have a close friend who breeds pit bulls, show quality dogs. He is well known in our area as one of the finest breeders. He keeps his "babies" in his home, hand feeds the pups and socializes them to be friendly, loving pets. He will only sell you a pup after getting an idea of your home life, and has, at least once, gone and rescued one of his "babies" from an unloving home. I spend a decent amount of time with his dogs, and they are the biggest loves you will ever meet. Truly beautiful, big hearted, goofball pups that would make fine pets - even in a home with kids. My daughter rolls around on the floor with these pits, playing and laughing. 

There are NO bad dogs, only bad dog owners. 

Get yourself a FREE "My Pit Bull is Family" sticker. Show your support even if you don't have a pit. Send an email to to request yours. Make sure to include your name and mailing address. 

You might also want to join Coko's Page for Pit Bull Peace, a personal favorite page of mine. Tell them Little Mom on the Prairie sent you! 

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