Friday, October 12, 2012

Why You Don't Need a Flu Shot

The weather turns chilly… someone sniffles…Suddenly, everyone in America wants a flu shot. Clinics and companies alike (such as Walgreens) toss open their doors, offering discounted and sometimes free flu shots. Getting a flu shot, or so the logic goes, means staying healthy during the impending flu season.

But here is the catch that seems lost on many anxious Americans:

The CDC and the vaccine industry are lying to you.
"Our vaccines work so well that they offer almost total immunity from the flu," they claim. Yet somehow they also work so poorly that they "wear off" after a year and require you to be re-vaccinated annually. The lie that says you have be re-vaccinated each and every year, often with the exact same strains you were vaccinated with the previous year. The coming winter flu vaccines for 2012, for example, are being manufactured with the same strains as the 2011 flu vaccines.

There's something fishy about this. Because human antibodies last a lifetime, remember? That's why you don't get the chicken pox over and over again. The first time you got the chicken pox as a kid, your body created chicken pox antibodies and those antibodies last a lifetime. The vaccine industry tries to claim its vaccines work exactly the same way…They cause the body to produce antibodies against viral strains. But there's something you're not being told about vaccines: They don't produce the same quality and strength of antibodies that our bodies would produce from a natural infection. That's why the vaccines "wear off" and leave you with zero protection from the very strains they inoculate you against.
In other words, vaccines don't work as advertised. 

"This year's 
flu shot will be a duplicate of last year's because the same flu strains are still circulating," reports the Associated Press in an article about the CDC. "Government health officials are urging nearly everyone to get this fall's flu shot. They say a vaccine's protection can fade significantly after several months." 

You can immunize yourself against the winter flu
But here's the dirty little secret the CDC does not want you to know: 

If you…
Skip the vaccine
 Boost your vitamin D intake
Encounter the flu naturally
You will build natural antibodies to the flu.

The  best way to immunize yourself against any strain of the winter flu is to dose up on vitamin D, boost your nutritional intake (eat right), get healthy and go out into the world ~ stop worrying about exposing yourself to the flu! That isn't to say you shouldn't take precautions like washing your hands frequently, avoiding sick individuals, etc…but chances are you will pick it up somewhere, and if your immune system is functioning well with high levels of vitamin D, your body will build its own antibodies and you won't even know it!

Don’t fall for the hype, keep your money and take care of yourself!

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