Friday, February 10, 2012

CVS Store Guide

CVS now has an official corporate coupon policy! You can find it HERE to print it and take it with you in the store while shopping.

CVS seems like one of the more difficult stores, and the sales and deals can seem overwhelming. Hopefully this quick guide will make things more clear, and help you fill your cart with goodies for next to nothing! 

Extra Care rewards Card

Your first step is to sign up for the Extra Care Rewards program. You can sign up for free HERE or in person in the store. The up side of going in the store is you will be able to get the card immediately. If you apply online, you may have to wait two weeks for your card to arrive in the mail. Having an Extra Care Card will allow you to scoop up all the sale prices and Extra Care Bucks! Those are the perks (like cash back) that come with the rewards program. Always make sure to have your card scanned FIRST–before the cashier rings up your purchases. That way you will get the correct sale price and/or Extra Care Bucks. 

The Extra Care Program Overview  

Extra Care Bucks (a lot of blogs shorten it to ECBs) are CVS rewards that are used like cash back, towards future purchases on almost anything in the store (a few exclusions apply). Every week, there will be Extra Care Buck deals advertised in the weekly ad. The concept is pretty straight forward...purchase the item, and you will receive the advetised amount of ECB back at the end of your transaction. The Extra Care Bucks will come in the form of a coupon at the end of your receipt. Always remember to have the cashier scan your Extra Care card first so you never miss out on the Extra Care Bucks! 

Once you start getting the hang of CVS, you’ll be able to “roll-over” your Extra Care Bucks... This means that you’ll be able to purchase new Extra Care Buck deals while rolling over your Extra Care Bucks earned from previous weeks to buy them! That means, you’ll be spending LITTLE TO NO money out of pocket.  

You will also earn 2% cash back in the form of Extra Care Bucks on every purchase in-store and online. Every three months these Extra Bucks will print out at the end of your receipt. Every little bit helps, and it’s like getting FREE money on items you would have bought anyway! You can also earn one Extra Care buck for every two prescriptions purchased in-store or online!

Stacking Coupons

Sometimes there will even be FREE after Extra Care Buck items advertised! This means that you will buy an item for a certain amount and then get that same amount back after purchasing the item in the form of Extra Care Bucks! And even sweeter, if you have a manufacturer coupon to use on the free after Extra Care Buck item, then you’ll turn this deal into a moneymaker!

Always be on the lookout for other CVS store product coupons. These can be stacked with manufacturer coupons for even more savings! Some will print out at the end of your receipt, after your Extra Care Bucks. You can usually find printable store coupons here too. I have also found CVS coupons in various magazines!

CVS offers money off a certain purchase amount store coupons on a regular basis too. These are usually $4 off a $20 purchase Store coupons and the best part, these coupons can be used before any manufacturer coupons to really lower your out of pocket expense. These coupons are usually emailed to select card holders. Make sure to sign up for email updates when you register for your Extra Care card and you just may get one of these coupons in your Inbox soon!

Once you’re ready to checkout, put your coupons in this order: $4 off $20 store coupon (or any other money-off store coupon), CVS store product coupons, manufacturer coupons and finally Extra Care Bucks.