Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February Deals n’ Steals Tally

My second month of freebies…I decided to revise how I am doing this. Instead of keeping tally of what I sign up for, I am going to keep tally of what arrives in any given month. I will still keep track of what I sign up for, just maybe not so stringently. It is time consuming, and this is supposed to be FUN! :)

Pardon the language, but the sentiment is very true.
I got a few BOGO items from coupons, like the Dream water. I bought 4 of each, making 2 of each free. When counting the free, obviously I only count the ones that didn’t cost me anything.I even got into the rebate action a little. My new Brita faucet cost me $16 (lowest cost Brita faucet they had, were out of pitchers of all kinds) and I sent out a rebate for $10 back, making it a sweet deal. What makes it TRULY sweet, is that unlike most of the people who rushed out to get this deal, I already had a filter system from Brita, that was old and needed replacing. I drink a gazillion glasses of water a day, so this really was a good buy for us, if following my guidelines. I also got a brita self filtering water bottle. This was a darn near freebie. Wal-Mart price was $8.88, I had a $2 off coupon and a $5 mail in rebate, making it only $1.88! And since I go through so much water and live in a rural area with horrible well water, this was coupon/rebate heaven for me.

I am also addicted to chapstick, and other forms of lip balm. So when I found a coupon for $2 off any Yes to Carrots product, I grabbed a Melon Yes to Carrots lip balm. It glides on so silky, I love it! And it only cost me .97 cents, a third of the original price!
My Tally for FREE items that came in this month:
full size freebies (like the normal product you buy in the store) $45 
A few highlights- Schick Hydro Silk Razor, Tena pads, Yummy Earth Organic candies, Custom Valentines and cards
sample sized freebies (value average of 10 cents each) $10.20
A few highlights- Invisible glass wipes, Tempur Pedic sample, Duncan Hines Recipe Cards, Unstopables Sample

Savings in the Bank:$20