Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Coupon & Savings Articles

Buying Coupons - Shop With Caution
Not ALL coupons you find for sale are legit. Here are a few reasons you should shop with caution when buying coupons.

Simple Coupon Guidelines
I have a few simple coupon guidelines I live by. You may or may not agree/abide by them, but you may find them helpful! I will probably be going into some of these in a little more depth later on, but here is a quick run down of how I plan to go about my coupon adventures.

Using Alternate Zip Codes for Printing Coupons - An Ethical Question Answered
It is a common practice to use a zip code other than your own to print coupons online. It turns out,there are a few reasons you don't want to use zip codes other than your own when printing coupons.

Realistic "Extreme" Couponing Expectations
If you want to learn how to save 40% or more on your grocery bill, I can help. But this is not something that anyone can do overnight, and if you have seen the TLC show Extreme Couponing, then you might not have the most realistic expectations. 

Types of Couponing ~ What Kind of Bargain Hunter are You?
There are several types of bargain hunters. This break down will help you decide what kind of bargain hunter you want to be, and what will work best for your family/situation.

How We Paid Off Our Debt With Coupons
When temporary unemployment sets you back and money is tight, coupons can help you get your finances back on track. This is our story, on how we used coupons to turn our life around.

My Coupon Organization System V.1
I finally got my coupon situation under control! I know there are many systems out there, this is what is working for me as I start out.

The Pros & Cons of Buying Bulk (Wholesale Club)
Deciding if buying in bulk is for you can be tricky...And understanding the positives and negatives are important.

Don't Pay Tax on School Supplies!
Illinois parents hoping to save some money on school supplies are out of luck this year, our “state sales tax holiday” isn’t returning. Here are the few lucky states that will have a break on the taxes they have to pay on certain school supplies.

How to Save Big Money on School Supplies
Each week, stores have what they call "Door-busters", or deals that are designed to get you in their doors. That is GREAT, but the first thing to remember is that just because theywant you to do all of your school supply shopping there, doesn't mean you have to.