Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easter Bunny & Flower Cupcake Decorations from Marshmallows

We spent the day making flower and bunny cupcakes, using marshmallows! it's an old trick my stepmother taught me when I was little, that seems to be cropping up all over the internet lately. I altered the concept to make BUNNY cupcakes, and even a little DAFFODIL. :D Take a look, maybe give it a try, it is an easy and cheap activity to do with the kiddos! 


Bag of mini marshmallows

Colored decorative sugars, divided by color into little seal-able sandwich baggies
Food scissors

1. Cut each mini marshmallow in half on a diagonal. you will end up with 2  'petals' from each marshmallow.

2. Place the 'petals' into a bag of decorative sugars, and give it a little shake. The sugars will only stick to the part of the marshmallow that was cut!

3. If you let them 'rest' for a few minutes, they will puff back up.

4. Carefully place your marshmallow 'petals' onto your cupcakes! They look great with little candies in the center, or you can make a daffodil by using a whole mini marshmallow in the center. Just evenly cut the end off, and make tiny cuts lengthwise on the marshmallow, then roll in yellow sugar.