Thursday, April 26, 2012

Nutella Lawsuit: Ferrero Settles Class-Action Suit Over Health Claims For $3 Million

A mother in California decided to sue Ferrero, maker of that famous chocolate-hazelnut spread Nutella,  after she realized the Nutella she'd been feeding her four-year-old daughter was "the next best thing to a candy bar." She'd been convinced the hazelnut-chocolate spread was healthy by ads and product labels that seemed to suggest it. Here is an excerpt from Nutella's 'Tips for Moms' section on their website, by a registered dietitian no less! 
"The "best" breakfast is the one that will be eaten! With the unique taste of Nutella®, kids may think they are eating a treat for breakfast, while moms are helping nourish their children with whole grains. A slice of whole wheat toast spread with Nutella®, a serving of fresh fruit and a cup of yogurt or 1% milk provides perfect balanced nutrition to start the day."
I personally think that the idea of having to trick children into eating healthy speaks volumes more about your parenting than the company that makes the food products you feed them.  I also think that it is your job as a parent to read the labels of what you feed to your children.
 That being said, the company puts a lot of emphasis on the skim milk, hazelnuts, or low sodium in their product, and neglects of course to mention the 5 teaspoons (21 g) of sugar. 
What do you think? Should parents be allowed to sue companies based on their marketing, if they neglected to read the label? I think we can all probably agree that we need more regulation on what food companies can say about their products. I don't think learning a little about what you eat before eating it is a bad idea, either. :) 
Delicious, in my opinion...but not the healthiest choice
If you live in California, and purchased Nutella between August 1, 2009 and January 23, 2012 you may be eligible to receive a payment from the settlement. Click HERE to find out more.