Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Asleep @ the Keys...
I feel like I let you guys down for Mother's Day, so I am doing a Father's Day post a little early, to give everyone time to 'procure' their freebies and goodies for the daddies in their life. I have 2 very different men to give gifts to, and almost NO budget to work are a few of the ideas I have come up with - some I am using for my guys, some I am posting  in case you are short on time/lack the creative bug (like **DH**, poor guy would love to do this "artsy fartsy" stuff but he wouldn't know where to start).  I started with custom printed cards, FREE from and

This card is for **DH**, who doesn't read the blog. I am not showing
 **MH's** because he DOES read it :)

Start grabbing samples for your man...(guys ~ here are GREAT samples for you to snag for yourself) Try it before you buy it, or put together a sampler pack! Sometimes its a good idea to keep certain things on hand, or in the glove compartment, if your a dude. 

Some Sampler/Emergency pack ideas:

Fragrances Sampler Packs - Individual use men's fragrances. I put them into a small blue leather-like pouch I got free a few months back. 
Emergency Hygiene Pack - Trial size Axe spray(travel section of your pharmacy), Single use toothbrush samples, Gas-X Thin-strips, NexCare bandages

Gift baskets may sound girly, but if you pack it full of stuff you guy loves, he will be thrilled. Don't pay someone in a shop to custom make you a basket to the tune of $50 or more, when you can easily make your own! You can also use bags or boxes, choose something theme related!

Some Gift Basket/Box ideas:

Golf Guy -  Grab a Free sleeve of golf balls each month, get some FREE Impact stickers, Customize a notepad into Dad's Golf Score-card via this special offer from

Gamer Guy / Computer Guy - FREE USB flash drive HERE or HERE,  load them with FREE SOFTWARE. Add FREE MP3s. Get a custom mouse pad from Add FREE Digital Magazine Subscriptions and a FREE Red Box video game rental...or they can play Quake FREE online.

Grill Guy - FREE grill brush, Grill Cleaner samples, e-book recipe guide, add a silicone basting brush and homemade sauce or grilling rub. Put it in a galvanized tin and add a standard black apron (or decorate one cheap). 

I have some great recipes for Father's Day that I will be posting, so STAY TUNED for some mouth watering deliciousness! In the meantime, I would LOVE to see what you guys put together using freebies for your Dads! Send me a picture via email to and I will post a gallery of Father's Day Inspiration (with links back, of course)!

Of course, if you don't LIKE your dad, you can send him for a FREE VASECTOMY...that might get the message across.  ;)