Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Fried Green Apron Custom Apron Raffle for Breast Cancer ~ Read Jaymie's Journey

One of my favorite little family-run businesses, Fried Green Aprons, is raffling off a CUSTOM APRON! Any fabric she has in stock, any style you like, anything you want! is the "fine print". The apron is being raffled off, to help their dear friend, Jaymie, in her fight against Inflammatory Breast Cancer. You can read all about Jaymie's Journey through her diagnosis, what they almost missed, and how she is fighting to save her life and the life of others through spreading awareness. 

Each raffle ticket costs $1.00 and the raffle ends Monday June 11th. To buy a raffle ticket, or make a donation, her Paypal address is  Please make sure you check it in as a gift for Jaymie!  :)

Sounds funny, but even dads can use aprons! Since you can customize your apron, you can get your Grill Master something unique for Father's Day!