Monday, August 13, 2012

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Back To School ~ Blog Carnival

I am sad to say, our first carnival did not turn out the way I had hoped. Many of the submissions, while very good, had NOTHING whatsoever to do with back to school! I picked the 2 that were most related to our theme...and I plan to revamp this whole thing for the next try!

Barbara Williams presents How to Make 5 Trendy Treats on a Stick posted at Find A Babysitter, saying, "Sweet treats on a stick are all the rage right now."

Sara Dawkins presents Head Lice: Symptoms and Treatments posted at, saying, "Few things strike fear into a parent’s heart like the dreaded letter from school or daycare stating that there has been a reported case of head lice."

"Make It Monday" ~ Buggy (or Butterfly) Snack Bags!

I've seen a few different takes on these but we just had to make our own, for the first Back-To-School "Snack Healthy" day (I signed up as one of the classroom mommies this year! My first time feeling with-it enough to go to the school and help out, lol). Lil' G and I made up a batch for the kids in her class, and a few extras for ourselves!

The magnets on the back are an addition of mine...I love cute for cuteness sake, but when you are not using these adorable buggies as a bag clip they double as a practical magnet for the fridge! PLUS, you won't lose them in the fray.

wood clothespins (I got a bag of 50 at Dollar General for $2)
Ziploc sandwich size baggies (Use coupons!)
googly eyes (optional-you can draw them on)
fuzzy craft pipe cleaners ($1 Dollar General)
markers or paint (we used markers)
magnets (optional but I LOVE IT) - ($1 for a pack of 50 at Hobby Lobby)

1.  Decorate your bug bodies with markers. Curl the 'antennae' around a pencil or use your fingers. Then slip it up in between the clip. Add eyes (and magnets) with glue, if you wish, and let everything dry.

2. Fill your snack bags! I like doubling the grapes with Goldfish crackers, and the bug clip keeps them separate! Gather the center of the bag between your thumb and forfingers, and add the snacks to either side (held separate by your hand) then put your bug clip in the center, to hold the two sides apart.

3. Get kudos from the other moms, for being clever and crafty!


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