Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Autumn Blog Carnival ~ Fun Crafts, Free Printables and Recipes

Autumn Blog Carnival
I am happy to say that the submission process went a lot smoother this time. Although we did not get a huge amount of submissions, they were all on topic and I think they are pretty darn cool! 

Andrea Everhart presents Creepy Creativity--Have a happy Halloween without spooking your wallet. posted by Andrea Everhart, saying, "As an independent contractor, I write blogs on saving money, resourceful living, crafts and other family topics for Lowes Foods."

TherapyDoc presents Everyone Needs Therapy: Depression Feeds on Itself posted at Everyone Needs Therapy, saying, "This blog pretty much makes self-improvement the project. When fall comes around, people get pretty depressed. There is even a disorder that strikes, Seasonal Affective Disorder.

The Handmade Home presents Alphafantastical insta-decor, posted by Ashley + Jamin, saying "Just click, print and cut! {I recommend card stock for these puppies.}" Use them as decor or as fun flash cards!


Erika Brooks from Healthy Family Matters says "Your kids will love healthy alternatives to Halloween candy if you make them frightfully good." There are many great ideas, including a recipe for cookies on a stick!

Pilgrim says "I present some printable bookplates for your enjoyment. print, paste and worry no more about wandering book!" Pilgrim guest blogged this on a really neat site called Frecklewonder

Sharon from Lemon Squeezy presents Free Fox Printable Bookmarks, saying "I've made some fox bookmarks for download, because I know how much you all love to read! Right? Well, I do, when I find the time." 

Tiffany from Simply Modern Mom presents Gift Tag Bookmarks, saying  "Tie onto your gift and give it to someone you love." (I think this would be a great gift for a teacher!)

Our next carnival will be starting soon!