Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Get Boxes of Stuff FREE, Without Couponing!

They say nothing in life is free, but this is absolutely Not True! In the last month alone, I have gotten over $300 in FREE brand name clothing, fast food, department store beauty products and even free movie tickets! NO EXTREME COUPONING!
In a few easy steps, you too can use the powers of the internet to reap FREE Rewards! The freebies have SO many uses, too. I have a small gift stockpile built up (the holidays ARE right around the corner) and have built myself a stylish new 100% FREE  Autumn wardrobe! 

If you are going to do something, do it right! 
That's what my Grandpa used to say, and he was a smart fella.  Don't just jump into this, we have a few steps to take to protect ourselves and get the biggest bang for our buck! 

Step 1Safety Online ~ Set up Your Alternates

The FIRST step is to get yourself a FREE alternate email address. Google, Yahoo and many others offer free email accounts. This email is to be used for freebies and online email clubs only! Taking this step will keep your regular email account free from any sort of spammy attacks.

I also suggest getting yourself a prepaid debit card, for those rare times when an offer requires shipping, or when they require a credit card but do not charge you. This way your personal information is never given out to anyone unscrupulous. You can get one for free here. (Plus a free $25!!)

Get your freebie on, but always protect yourself online first and foremost. 

Step 2Auto Fill your way to Freebies

Google Chrome has a free auto-fill program built in, that will fill in your name and address into online forms. This will help a LOT when searching out your by-mail freebies. If you do not use Chrome there are a lot of FREE alternative programs that do the same thing.

Many of them will have the option to have your credit card number be one of the items it fills in for you.DO NOT USE THIS OPTION UNLESS USING A PREPAID DEBIT CARD. 

Step 3Organization is key

Having somewhere to put the wave of freebies that will come flowing to your home is KEY. Especially if your spouse already thinks you are a bit kooky for all of this! ;)

I started with a box by the door for snail mail freebies, and a box in my room for the rest. It quickly became the sort of thing I needed to have little stashes for - otherwise it would overflow into the whole house! I keep any beauty care freebies under the bathroom sink, in a pretty little red organizer. In my hall closet I have a box that holds birthday gifts for kids, and another similar stash in the basement for holiday gifts. Keeping the flow in check will ensure your family does not get cranky at you (take my word on this one, I learned from experience) and makes it so you can use your free stuff when you need to!

Step 4Have a Plan of Attack

You are successful! You now have a box of free stuff! Woo-hoo! Pat yourself on the back. Feels good doesn't it? what do you DO with all of this stuff? Like I said in the intro, I have built up a nice little gift stockpile for the upcoming holidays, but there are SO MANY more things you can do with your free stuff!

*Donate to local shelters
*Put together sample packs of first aid samples and keep in purse/backpack/car
*Put together gift baskets of like items (i.e. baby stuff, etc) I am invited to several baby showers this summer and I have put together a few really cute gift baskets from old Goodwill baskets and armloads of free diaper and formula samples! Always add the personal touch with a handcrafted gift item like a hand sewn baby bib or blankie.
Birthday gift stockpile is a great idea for when you get toy freebies that are small. Also good for stocking stuffers, but I like to keep them on hand for the random "Oh hey look its so-and-so's kids birthday this Saturday" moments.
*Wear your free clothing with pride! Strut your stuff!

Step 5Where to Find Freebies

Make a list of your favorite brands and retailers. It should cover things like grocery foods, restaurants, clothing brands or stores, beauty product brands, household cleaner brands...whatever you or your family uses on a regular basis. 

Happy Freebies!