Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Fake Freebie Alert!

The newest fakes out there on the web. Don't get scammed by these companies! Remember, use an alternate email address for signing up for all your freebie deals!

Free Sample of Gimi Chocolate
The entire business looks fake. Steer clear of this one. The form allows you to submit without putting in any information. 

3M Microfiber Cloth
I am so gratfeul for my friend Melissa.  She just found out that this Free 3M Microfiber Detail Cloth is a FAKE! 

Free Sample of Lemon Lip Balm
Free Sample of Lemon Lip Balm
The form allows you to submit without information, the page claims to be Facebook but if you look at the URL, it is a stand alone page. After submitting, a pop-up appears, hoping you will click. 

Pug Gear Sun Glasses
This one I am not sure about...a few people claim to have received their FREE sunglasses from Pug's Gear, but a reader of mine claims she signed up over 6 months ago and never got anything. So sign up for this one at your own risk.