Wednesday, December 5, 2012


This one slipped past me, and I am SO SORRY! Usually I am better at spotting the fakes, but I have been busy with the holiday brou ha ha...  

FAKE FREEBIE ... you may have seen this FREE offer today for a Free Santa Hat from a site called “Rock Star Hats”. I believe it is fake and here’s why (Thanks to Giveaway Train):

  • NO physical address, phone number, or email address for them
  • The domain was registered under a cloaked site called Domains by Proxy
  • As of August 5th of this year there was NO ecommerce or anything up, just domain registration which has passed through 27 hands since 2007, but hasn’t had anything up on the website until today.
  • They ONLY accept paypal as a method of payment is you were to buy something. It’s incredibly easy to set up a credit card payment as a company, so you need to wonder why they didn’t do that.
  • They also claim to be in business since 2003 on their FB page but the domain was registered in 2007.
  • And 7 measly FB posts since January. FYI – you CAN backdate posts in Facebook.
All signs point to FAKE… Do NOT sign up for it!