Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Note from Little Mom

Bear with me, dear readers & fans...there are many little tweaks and changes coming to Little Mom on the Prairie! You may have noticed that we have all new links on our top menu, and non-coupon links have been moved to the left hand side. If you are here for crafts, cooking or domestic arts, check out the 'Homestead' menu on the left. For freebies, deals, match ups and more, use the main menu up top

I also have something special in the works that will bring our many scattered fans together in one place. Between Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and yes, The Blog (and all the other ways people follow Little Mom) we have a ton of fans...but everything needs to be more easily accessible. I don't wanna jinx anything so I won't give too many details, but this is gonna be GREAT, everything will be easy to find and in one place. 

You also may have noticed that our legal notice is posted at the bottom of every post now. This is because, in my first year of blogging, I have been involved in three (3) legal issues:

I admit, I was like many deal bloggers and zealously posted whatever, used the same pictures everyone else was, and thought it was hunky dory. Evidently, it is NOT. Many bloggers are in direct violation of copyrights. 

Now every picture used is either my own personal picture (copyright held by me, J.Rae/Little mom) or is used with written permission by the picture owner. That's right, I ask permission of the companies, because to not do so is opening yourself up to lawsuits. I have also had to serve cease and desist notices to several people, who not only used my images, but got nasty with me about it.

Just remember, online actions have real world consequences. I never thought being a coupon blogger required having a lawyer on retainer but it certainly can if you don't watch your step! I am watching mine, let me tell ya....

Finally, I am fiddling around with new headers. I might ask y'all what you think of them, I hope you are honest and let me know what you like!

I love my fans, everything I do is for you all, so let's make this the best blog ever because I have the best fans ever! Please feel free to comment on posts you like, tell me if you have issues, share things I may have missed or just stop by to chat with me on Facebook. 
I am always around and always love talking to you guys!

J.Rae, Writer/Deal Hunter for Little Mom on the Prairie

Please do not copy this post without linking back. You may read my Disclosure and Policy Page to see how you can re -post with permission. 
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