Thursday, January 3, 2013

Fake Freebie Alert! Free Mini Dust Pan/Brush Set

Smart White Cleaning claims they are giving away a free mini dust pan/brush set. This is a fake freebie offer!
How do I know it is fake?
1. The site ( was created, and 3 days later starting offering freebies.

2. The site is a clone of this legit business:
(That means they stole the site layout and content to make this appear to be a real business)

3. Smart White Cleaning Services states on their website that they offer "Carpet and Tile Cleaning in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and other cities around Pittsburgh, however the business is not listed in any business directories or with the BBB.

4. The telephone number listed on their site, 1-412-847-7982 is for Canada, and when you go to their "Contact Page" you can only reach them by email.

The address listed on their domain registration does not exist (the number is higher than the street numbers go for that street).

6.  This site has also offered 2 other freebies, which never arrived. 
Other fake offers from this site: 

Free Hand Sanitizer

Free Universal Screen Cleaner

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