Sunday, January 6, 2013

Get Paid to Use Your Reusable Coffee Mugs

Do you LIVE for coffee shops? If you don’t frequent a large franchise coffee shop, it is worth it to check with your local coffee and tea shops to see if they offer the same discounts.
  • Peet’s Coffee and Tea: Bring in your own coffee mug for a $0.10 discount. Even better, reuse one of their coffee bags and receive a $0.25 discount!

  • Starbuck’s: Bring a mug of any sort and get $0.10 off of your cup of coffee.

  • Seattle’s Best Coffee: Bring a mug of any sort and get $0.10 off of your cup of coffee. 

  • People HAVE reported that this is actually not a "Universal" plan for Seattle's Best, you have to call your location and make sure they will honor the deal before laying out cash for the mug: Seattle's Best is owned by Starbuck's, but each Seattle's franchise gets to decide which corporate policies they wish to honor. 

Many Gas stations offer a similar deal. My local FS has a great deal: buy your mug (3 sizes to choose from) and your discount will vary depending on the size mug you buy...Regular is .10 cents, Mid size is .15 cents, large is .20 cents and the extra large mug offers a .25 cent discount! A regular cup of coffee only costs .80 cents, with mug that is down to .70 cents! 
(They use Ronnoco, I LOVE their cappuccino!) 

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  1. Dunkin' Donuts charges the same amount for a small coffee even if you bring your own mug... So I always bring a BIG mug and get a LOT of coffee for .99 cents!! AND... there’s usually a coupon for a free donut on your receipt! Take that Starbucks!