Saturday, February 23, 2013

Fake Freebie Alert: Free T Shirt From Loloudly

A BIG Thank You to my Facebook Admin, Heather, for catching this one! This is a fake t-shirt offer from a company going by the name loloudly[.com]

Reasons Why I (and Heather) Think This is Fake:
1. Heather spotted that though there is a field for City and Country, there is not one for State or Zip code. I filled out the form with dummy info, without liking or sharing their Facebook page, which is "required to qualify" and it allowed the form to be accepted. 

2. The site was started on Feb. 18, 2013. The entire point of the site appears to post pictures and to offer this "freebie". The pictures are supposed to be humor based, but they mostly appear to be random images from the web, slap-dashed onto a site. 

3. When doing a Whois search on the domain, it appears they paid extra for the privacy guard, and the only thing listed is a business address. Not in and of itself wrongdoing, just very shady, when coupled with the next thing on my list;

4. There are multiple websites registered to this address, and many of them have been accused of being a scam or fraud in some way. 

Thanks, Heather! Good eye catching this one! 


  1. And if you're an idiot who gave your info? What can you do?

  2. You can read this:

    There are some safety tips and an antivirus freebie you can use just in case.