Thursday, February 21, 2013

FREE $5 Amazon Gift Cards From iHeartRadio

free amazon gift cards
You listen to the radio in your car, at work, on your iPhone, and most likely daily, right? Well now you can be REWARDED for listening to the radio and sharing your opinions with iHeartRadio!

iHeartRadio has partnered with to allow YOU to rate and have an impact on the music you hear on your favorite radio stations.

How It works:

The radio stations you love to listen to – are ready to listen to you! Your opinions on their music are so important that stations are willing to pay you for them!
  1. Sign up here!
  2. They will send you emails periodically (They may send them every few weeks or more)
  3. If you get offered a survey, just listen to approx 40 short audio clips of songs, and share your opinion on it. Easy!! 

Be Rewarded!!

  • If you qualify for one of their music surveys and then complete the survey, you’ll receive a $5
     Gift Card.
  • You can take the survey on your computer, or your cell phone of smartphone – whatever is easiest for you! And you may be invited to several surveys.

  • Each survey you qualify for, and finish, means another $5
     Gift Card! Some of their participants earn hundreds of dollars in Gift Cards every year!!

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