Friday, February 22, 2013

Free $5 Gift Card & Get Paid to Eat & Shop Locally!


Free $5 Gift Card & Get Paid to Eat & Shop Locally!

What if you could earn money every time you stopped for a burger?  Or, every time you picked up bread or milk?!  Head on over (click link above) and check this out. 
Get paid to eat and shop at your favorite stores and restaurants. Join Plink and earn Cash & Rewards from Amazon, iTunesHome Depot, Facebook and more … just for eating and shopping at some of your favorite stores and restaurants. You’ll earn rewards at more than 35,000 locations nation-wide. And, it’s FREE to join!
  1. Sign up above
  2. Link your card
  3. Then after about 5-15 mins, go to “My Account” to see your 500 points 
  4. (Free $5 gift card)

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