Thursday, February 21, 2013

Get a Rental Car FREE from ZipCar

ZipCar, a fun and great way to “borrow” a car, is offering new customers a FREE $75.00 credit!! That means you can drive for FREE!
Even better? Zipcar pays for the gas and insurance!! That’s an amazing deal!!
Zipcar is a car sharing service. You reserve your car and go pick it up and drive away! When you’re done, you drop it off at ANY authorized location and just walk away! It’s that easy! There are cars available all over the world! You can even extend your reservation if something comes up!
This offer is ONLY valid in NYC, Washington DC, Chicago, Philadelphia, Seattle, Portland, LA, Atlanta, Austin, Pittsburgh, Providence, and Miami. If you are not in those cities, you won’t be able to see it unfortunately.

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