Friday, March 1, 2013

10 FREE Spring Break Activities for Kids

For some of you, this post is a bit premature. But for us (year-round school system), spring break is right around the corner. That means 2 whole weeks of trying to keep my kid occupied and happy! These are some of the things we do to maintain the sanity level in our house, and enjoy the slowly-warming weather!

Fresh bean sprouts!
1. Plan the garden. 
It might not be quite warm enough for actually planting, depending on where you live (too cold where I am) but you can get the kids involved and plan out your garden. Have fun with it, try a theme garden! You can plant basil, oregano, parsley and garlic for a pizza garden, or aloe, chamomile and tea tree for a medicinal garden. 

2.  Go on a nature walk. 
Dress for the weather, and make it a family activity! Either have a destination in mind or just explore your local fauna until you want to go home. We often stop at the local playground before coming home, and my daughter will have pockets full of "nature treasures" (rocks, pretty leaves, etc) to display on our mantle. 

3. Check your city or town's website for free local events. 
I live in a rural area, so on our nearest city's free local event page, there are a lot of things like apple orchards, family farms and such. Check your city or town's website for an event calendar. You can find free concerts, art shows, festivals, and more - it all depends on where you live! 

4. Make "Spring Cleaning" fun!
Make up cleaning challenges, or games, to liven up an otherwise boring chore. It is a great way to get everyone involved, and everyone will feel good seeing the fruits of their labor when the whole house is fresh and clean! The winner can receive a special prize like pick what is for dinner that night or choose the movie rental that weekend. 

5. Have craft time! 
Use old wire hangers, soda pop bottle tops, old tshirts - whatever you have around the house - and get yourself some inspiration via Pinterest! Get creative and have fun making something as a family. 

6. Museums, zoos (and more!) have Free Admission Days.
Check with your local museum, National Park, arboretum or zoo and find out when they are having free admission. It is usually once a month or once a week, depending on where you live. 

7. Rediscover your library.
Most libraries have free children's programs, like story time. Even if they don't, you can have a lot of fun - read them a story, let them pick out their own books, and let them carry them home! 

My daughter, working on her latch hook rug
Copyright Little Mom on the Prairie

8. Learn a new skill or hobby.
My 10 year old recently learned how to latch hook, and is in the process of making a latch hook rug for her room. A few craft and hobby stores, as well as home improvement stores like Lowe's and Home Depot, offer free or super-cheap projects and lessons in their stores, too. Make sure to register online ahead of time, space fills up fast. 

9. Have a camp-out...inside!
If the spring weather rains you out, have a spur of the moment camp-out in your living room! Set up "tents" using blankets, sheets and pillows. Turn off your cell phone, turn off all electronics and use a flashlight! Tell stories while eating microwave s'mores. 

10. Get in the kitchen!
Have your kids help you plan a meal, and help you prepare it. You can assign prep chef tasks based on age, and assist if need be. kids will love eating food that they helped cook! 


  1. I love having inside camp-outs with the kids! That will definitely be on our spring break list this week. And I love the idea of having them help cook this week! I think we will start meal planning this afternoon.

  2. What great ideas! Such a fun list. Thank you so much for sharing at A Bouquet of Talent this week. So thrilled to have you share with us. Have a wonderful weekend. :)