Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Free Bear Safety Sticker

A mother brown bear sits on a gravel path with her two cubs.
Image Credit: NPS

Get a free Bear Safety sticker from the National Park Service.

The sticker is to help remind kids (and adults) to be safe and aware in nature.
As the sticker says:
  • Be a Noisy Hiker. Have you ever had a friend sneak up behind you and yell “BOO!”? Bears don’t like surprises any more than people do. When you hike make lots of noise to avoid startling bears. Sing, talk, or wear a bell. Traveling in groups is a good idea too.
  • Give Bears Space. Bears have a big personal bubble. Give them lots of room so they don’t feel threatened.
  • Respect a Bear’s Meal. A stinky dead moose near a trail could be a bear’s lunch. If you see a dead animal leave the area. Bears are protective of their food.
  • Keep a Clean Camp. Cook and store food away from your camp. Food smells can tempt bears. If they learn that they can get food from humans, bears can become dangerous and may have to be destroyed.
  • Leave Your Dog at Home. Fido is a great friend, but barking dogs can really stress out bears. Dogs have been known to lead angry bears back to their humans. Remember; bears and pets don’t mix!

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