Friday, March 22, 2013

Free DIY Home Depot Workshops (Adults)

Register for FREE Do-It-Yourself workshops at The Home Depot!! They also have "Do It Herself" Workshops, which I find mildly insulting since they do not appear to require any real tools...but hey... free learnin' is free learnin', am I right?
I love The Home Depot’s workshops.  It is immensely satisfying to do things myself and saves a ton of money! Yes, I’m a female and no, my tools are NOT pink! 
To get started, click the link above and sign up.  Even if you can’t make it, it’s best to take the first step and register. That way if you are able, you’re ready!
March 24th - General House Maintenance Workshop - TBD by local store, call ahead!
April 13th - Cabinet Updates

April 18th - Do it HerselfGardening for Small Spaces
April 14th - Mosaic Tile Backsplash
April 20th - Choosing & Installing a Counter Top

May 16th - Do it Herself : Succulent Gardening

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