Saturday, March 23, 2013

How to Cut Your Pet Care Costs by 80%

The ASPCA puts the average cost of caring for a cat at $56 per month! That is $672 per year! You can add between $5-15 per week if you have a dog depending on the size. Between food, litter, toys and treats...the money adds up fast! But there is a way you can cut down on pet food costs. I  have successfully brought my cat care costs down to less than $10 per month, or a total of around $120 per year! 

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I have a rescue kitty (named Josie) that I care for, even though I am not supposed to have animals and even though my budget is super tight...but I couldn't turn my back on her tiny fuzzy face! Now she is a lot more healthy-looking, Thanks to my FREE Pet Food Stockpile! 

Let me show you how I did it:

1. Sign up for Samples. I started out by finding a small storage bin that wasn't being used, found a place for it in my pantry, then signed up for every pet food free sample I could get my hands on...these offers come and go, but if you follow my blog I make sure to keep my readers posted abut pet freebies. 
Using samples to supplement her food has saved me an average of $10 per month!

Here is the most current list of Pet food samples:

2. Use Coupons and Rewards Programs. I am a member of the rewards programs at both Petco and Petsmart. Luckily for me, in my town they are on the same road only a few miles from one another. You can often get exclusive coupons for huge discounts (often leading to free items) or coupons for free cans of food. Within the last month I have gotten 6 free cans of pet food and saved myself approximately $15!

Here is the most current list of Pet food coupons:

 3. Hit up the Deep Discount Bin. My local stores all have a cart at the front with slightly damaged products offered at deep discount. I just picked up a big $20 bag of kitty litter for $1.50, because one of the stockers had accidentally cut it open with a box cutter. So, while the bag is wrapped in tape and should prove fun to open when the time comes, I saved myself $19.50

4. Kong Dog Toys allows people to enter to randomly receive some of their "slightly irregular" pet toys for FREE!  Just enter your personal info here and see if you get send some freebies! I got a free toy that my kitty likes to pretend to "hunt" when I toss it across the floor, haha. 

5. Don't Forget Seasonal Clearance - Yes, for Pets Too! I also got my kitty a pet bed that had a holiday motif on it, a few weeks after the holidays... at a 90% discount from the already low price of $8.99 at Walmart. My final cost was only .90 cents for a nice plush pet bed! 

6.  Get memberships that pay! I have an account with doggyloot and PETching. You get a free credit when you sign up, plus more free credits when you refer friends! I have used items from both websites for my kitty...I got a free collar (and more) from Doggyloot! 
I didn't have to buy these little extra things for her, saving me $25 so far! 

7. Sign up for Pet Extras - Pet safety and well being is important - after all, they are family too! So make sure you get these pet extras - FOR FREE - to make those fuzzy faces extra happy and safe!

Here is the most current list of Pet Extras:

  • Get a Free Pet Safety Pack from the ASPCA! This includes window stickers to tell emergency personnel exactly what animals are in your home, in the event of an emergency. Click here to get yours
  • Score a Free "My Kitten" new kitty care book from Purina. Click here to get yours.
  • Get a Free "Real Dogs" Alpo Strater kit (comes with care tips and coupons) click HERE
  • I also got a few PETA for kids stickers for my young vet-in-training, click here to get it.
8. Take Advantage of Rebates! If I happen to have wiggle room in my budget, I will grab some pet food and use rebates to ultimately get the food FREE

Here is the most current list of Pet Rebates:

  • Hill's Science Diet are offering a mail-in rebate on any bag of Science Diet Ideal Balance pet food up to $19.99. Download the form and include the actual UPC cut from the product and receipt from the store. Product must be bought before March 31st, 2013. Click here to print rebate form
  • Fill in the form and print the mail in rebate to enjoy a free bag of World's Best Cat Litter. Rebate is good on 7 or 8lb bags of litter only. Valid through 12/31/13. Click here to print rebate form
  • Like Kids 'N' Pets on Facebook & print out a rebate certificate good for any Kids 'N' Pets brand product. Click here to print rebate form. 

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