Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Redbox Movie Matchup = Free Movie Rentals!

redbox movie

Play the Redbox Movie Matchup and you can win up to 3 FREE movie rentals! Play the game every day to earn points.

If you reach these levels of points you’ll get 1, 2, or 3 free Redbox rentals-
  • RUBY: 10,000 points or more (awarded 3 promo codes)
  • GOLD: 7,500 points or more (awarded 2 promo codes)
  • SILVER: 5,000 points or more (awarded 1 promo code)
You can also earn points by joining their text club, email list, sharing, and inviting friends:
  • Inviting one or more friends through Facebook = 200 Points (regardless of number of friends invited)
  • Sharing the Program through a wall post = 200 Points
  • Signing up to be a part of the Redbox Text Club = 1000 Points
  • Signing up to receive Redbox emails = 500 Points
scoring redbox
Each participant may only earn bonus Points once per type of activity listed above, for a maximum of 1900 bonus Points.
All promo codes that you earn will expire on 5/3/2013.

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