Thursday, May 16, 2013

Chef's Planet Kitchen Gadgets Review

I have to admit it: I am a kitchen gadget hoarder! In my drawers you will find garlic presses, special cookie cutters, melon ballers, special zester tools, you name it. So for awhile now, the general rule has been "No More Kitchen Stuff For Mom". While it doesn't make me happy, I understand...we rent our town home, space is at a premium, etc. 

When I was sent a box from Chef's Planet, I was both excited and a little nervous...I knew what my family would say: you need more kitchen stuff like a hole in the head! But once I saw what they sent, no one could argue with me keeping it! Everything is so useful, they are permanent fixtures in my kitchen

I got to try out the Nonstick Ovenliner, The Preptaxi Food Scoop (stainless Steel), and the Measuring Colander (Blue, 2 Cup). 

This Nonstick Ovenliner (value $20 value) is awesome! I have one of those older ovens, so if anything spills at all, there is a burnt mess that sets off the smoke alarm! With this convenient liner, I can pull it out, wipe it off, and get right back to making a mess! And trust me, if I am cooking, things will get messy...
This next little gadget sits on top of my cutting board, always on hand and ready to go - it is my new favorite tool in my kitchen! I am an avid maker of soups and stews, which require chopping a lot of bite size morsels. The Preptaxi Food Scoop in Stainless Steel (Value $10.00 ) makes moving all of those tidbits super easy, since it can hold 3 cups of whatever you can throw at it! This has made my life so much easier! 

The Measuring Colander (2 cup, blue) (Value $10.00) was the one thing I didn't imagine using very often. I already have a full size colander, and it is a big pain in the rear to clean and takes up a ton of room. Why would I want to add this little thing to the collection? 

Let me tell you why: it has a built in can drainer on the bottom! 
Not only that, but it is dish washer safe, and perfect for washing those handfuls of grapes for the little ones, too. It takes up very little room, and I find myself using it more and more. 

The nice people at Chef's Planet are also giving Little Mom on the Prairie a BBQ Kit to give away! 

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