Thursday, November 21, 2013

FAKE ALERT – Free Corkscrew From Wine Making Society

Gimmiefreebies, the home of the Fake Freebie alert, let us know earlier that there is another fake out there! This is what they found out when doing their research:


  • 1. Received a Malicious Malware notice when submitting the form for the free offer
  • 2. Others are also reporting a pop up to sign up with affiliate type offers when submitting the form
  • 3. This company doesn’t exist, there is no organization by this name listed anywhere
  • 4. There is no website
  • 5. The site they host their image on ( is one that we’ve seen in past fake freebie offers.  None of these offers have ever been received either.

free corkscrew

This is not a legit offer, it is spam and may load malicious software (malware) on your computer.  STEER CLEAR! 

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